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The Secret and Globalatinization in John Hick's Philosophy of Religious Pluralism: A Derridean Critique Matthew Haar-Farris, Graduate Theological Union


Distributed Ontologies and Systems Ontologies
Andrew P. Porter, Graduate Theological Union

Recognition of Conceptuality as a Hermeneutical Tool
Edward C. Hobbs, Wellesley College
Reprinted from F. L. Cross, ed., Texte und Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der altchristlichen Literatur, Band 88 (Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1964), pp. 464-477. Copyright Edward C. Hobbs. Reprinted by permission.


Civil Religion in the Interfaith Context of Northern California:
Revisiting Robert Bellah's Broken Covenant Project

Harlan Stelmach, Ph.D.
Chair, Humanities Department, Dominican University of California
Revised Paper from Presentation at
Pacific Coast Theological Society, November 6, 2004;
Received 2005/02/27; Revised 2005/04/30


Many Selves, Many Realities: The Implications of Heteronymy and the Plurality of Worlds Theory for Multiple Religious Belonging
Roger Corless, Duke University (Emeritus)
Received May, 2002; revised 2002 October 6

Do We Share in Creation?
Alexander Blair, Berkeley, CA
Received 2002 March 9; Revised 2003 April 1; Posted 2003 April 28

Gospel Miracle Story and Modern Miracle Story
Edward C. Hobbs, Wellesley College
Reprinted from Gospel Studies in Honor of Sherman Elbridge Johnson, ed. Massey H. Shepherd Jr. and Edward C. Hobbs, originally published by Anglican Theological Review Supplemental Series, Number Three, March 1974
Posted 2002-09-19
The paper as a .dvi file. The paper as a .pdf file.

How to Evolve Specified Complexity by Natural Means
Matt Young, Colorado School of Mines
Received 2002-02-20