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Amazon Associates Program

Please consider making your Amazon purchases by linking through this page. By shopping on Amazon by first clicking a link on this page, Amazon will pay a small percentage of your total purchase amount to PCTS, which helps subsidize meeting costs for members, students, and visitors. Shop

If you purchase something by following the link or using a search box on the PCTS site, then Amazon sends a small percentage to us (generally 4%, limited to $25 dollars for computers) through the Amazon Associates Program. The rules for what counts as a "purchase" are fairly complex, but basically includes one entire order of anything you put into your cart within 24 hours (without leaving and coming back to the site through another link such as a different bookmark or by typing into your browser), and actually buy within 90 days.

You may bookmark this page in most browsers by pressing the Ctrl-D keys (Windows) or Command-D keys (Macs).